natalia mallo



TRANSBIOGRAPHY is an audiovisual installation created from biographical narratives of trans* artists and thinkers from around the world. The installation is an immersive triptych with spatialized sound, where we hear testimonies, we look at faces and bodies, and find ourselves in a universe that still develops in the margins of society. The central question is “What is your story?”, dismembered in a few statements in relation to childhood, the gender transitioning process and, where applicable, a life balance after assuming a new identity in the family and social context . The materials are testimonials in audio and video, still images, close-up pauses and eyes that face directly the camera and the spectator. The immersion amplifies the narratives and exposes the diversity within diversity. The installation seeks a poetic space of visibility for these polyphonic narratives and trans* bodies beyond the contradictions experienced daily: hipervisibility in the street / invisibility and social exclusion.

The installation is constantly under construction, being fed by new narratives from new encounters and contexts. It is currently being developed in partnership with artists, institutions and international festivals.

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