natalia mallo



An international co-creation between Brazil and the UK in a show that explores Encounter as a catalyst of possibilities  -including love and intimacy.


In June 2015, Scottish based dancer and choreographer Marc Brew and Brazilian dancer Gisele Calazans participated in a creative residency at MIS – Museum of Image and Sound, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The encounter was an spontaneous combustion of bodies: movement and risk; affection and trust.

The creative process was conceived by Natalia Mallo (also live musician), and included lighting designer Mirella Brandi as a co-creator of the work. The lighting emerged as a third dancer, making real-time choices, outlining the bodies and reshaping the space. Accessibility resources were embedded in the scene, including caption, audio description and sign language.

“MayBe is about encounters and the inevitability of love. It is about what might be and an instance of doubt. Attraction, rejection, crossings paths and departures -a metaphor about the liquidity of relationships in the contemporary world.” (Natalia Mallo)

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