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À Table | Walking Tour – Edinburgh

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a table

À Table at the FRINGE Festival.

Starts like a dual video installation. The video shows two girls interacting in different situations involving eating pasta, face to face, with a table between them. Domination, submission, violence, attachment. Pasta, rubbing, olive oil, eating, spitting, vomiting. Eating again. The video intrigues me. Great music, played live by three musicians. Synths, voice processors, strings, soundscapes. Then the perfomers appear for a live act. Dance, mimics, clownie gestures. They seem immature interpreters, overacting feelings and offering obvious illustrations of power based relationships. The dramaturgy becomes unclear and too sentimental. Better if it had ended with the video.



Festivals Walking tour

A great experience of getting familiar with the old town, the festivals’ venues and the Fringe Society hub. All filled with stories, anecdotes and tips from Mark Fisher, journalist and author of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide. Caught twice by an unexpected cold rain after carrying my coat in the hot sun.





Author: Natalia Mallo

Artist, curator and entrepreneur.

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